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I reckon I will have thoughts on things that don’t fit nicely into any other category, so we have “General.”

We Just Disagree

I am a straight white male with a pretty good job that pays a pretty good salary. I’m also a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (a Mormon) with relatively conservative views. (I am not “a conservative,” because I don’t believe in identifying myself by my political views.) Current conventional wisdom… Read More »

The Many Interpretations of Frozen

Note: This is written in response to a very LDS-focused article, and I myself am a devoted, practicing Mormon, so this is written from that perspective. It’s not necessarily accessible only to people who share my faith, but it is unapologetically LDS in nature. There’s a lot of hubbub the last couple days about this… Read More »

Infield Flies

I’m going to do something I don’t like to do — I’m going to disagree with two people I really like. Joe Posnanski is one of my favorite writers (and one of the only people in the world I actually believe loves baseball as much as I do). Dale Murphy was one of my favorite… Read More »

Hypothetical award scenarios that will never happen, part II

Here’s my other question, and it’s not so much about eligibility as would-you-vote-for-this-guy?-ability. Let’s say a guy has a season that looks something like this: Batting average: .200 On-base percentage: .200 Slugging percentage: .375 Home runs: 35 RBIs: 105 Runs: 35 Doubles: 0 Triples: 0 Singles: 85 So this guy went 120-for-600 with 35 homers… Read More »

Pick Ten

I was thinking the other day about music, musicians, and the ones I keep listening to over and over. It got me thinking about a hypothetical situation: if I had to choose ten artists/bands to listen to for the rest of my life, and I couldn’t listen to anyone else, who would I choose and… Read More »

The iPod shuffle

As part of my new determination to start blogging more often, I am spending tonight clearing out a few of my unpublished drafts. The last one, about baseball stats, actually required me to finish writing it. This one appears to be done; the only reason I can come up with for not having published it… Read More »

Andruw vs. A-Rod

Now that the Andruw Jones Era is over in Los Angeles, I thought I’d run down just how much the Dodgers are going to end up paying for his “services,” along with a comparison of what A-Rod would have been paid last year on an equivalent scale. At $36.2 million, Andruw Jones made: –$1,096,969 for… Read More »

All-Star ruminations

It seems like it’s the cool thing to rip on the All-Star game these days. A myriad of writers, both professional and mom’s-basement-dwelling, had criticisms of the selection process, or at least of some of the specific selections. One thing I have been pleased to see is that, at least among the things I have… Read More »

After Further Review…

It appears that Major League Baseball is going to implement instant replay, maybe even as early as August 1 of this year. This might say more about the things (and people) I read than anything else, but Joe Morgan is the only person I know of who is against it. (Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised… Read More »