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Baseball, kids, and role models

“Baseball.” You know how when someone says your name, it tickles that little part of your brain with a “hey, that’s me!” sensation? For me, there are a few other words that have that same effect on me. One of those is “baseball.” A love of baseball is literally a part of my internal identity.… Read More »

A New Chapter in Life

Nearly ten years ago, I was the second employee hired at DigiCert by founders Ken Bretschneider and Chuck West. Over the next eight years, we (along with others, most notably Paul Tiemann, who was involved before me as a contractor and came on full time a couple years after me, and Flavio Martins, my best… Read More »

Pick Ten

I was thinking the other day about music, musicians, and the ones I keep listening to over and over. It got me thinking about a hypothetical situation: if I had to choose ten artists/bands to listen to for the rest of my life, and I couldn’t listen to anyone else, who would I choose and… Read More »

Baseball with my kids

Yesterday evening, Roy Halladay threw a no-hitter in his first career postseason game. I turned the game on in the sixth inning, and when I saw that the Reds hadn’t scored yet, my first thought was, “I wonder if Halladay has given up any hits.” With Roy Halladay, that’s a logical thing to wonder. It… Read More »

Two words: Wow

As a Dodger fan from the 80s, this is the greatest thing I have ever seen: I can’t believe they let Tom Niedenfuer be in the video. Weren’t they worried that he’d give up a homer to a 128-pound cameraman? (Thanks to my brother, Chris, for emailing me this link.)

Chase Visa made good!

Check out this email I just received from Chase Visa. It is nice to see that once you get past the bureaucracy, Chase really does care about their customers. I don’t know if they really understand my point, but I don’t really care, because they made good on their original promise.