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My thoughts on the world of sports, including all the major professional sports (especially baseball). I have opinions about all sports, but baseball is the only one that I consider myself an expert on. This section will also include thoughts on professional wrestling, even though it isn’t technically a “real” sport.

Playing Favorites — American League

Over at ShysterBall (one of the most engaging, intelligent baseball-related blogs I have come across), Craig Calcaterra had what I think is a wonderful idea. And because it’s not stealing if you give credit, I am going to use it here. Here’s what Craig had to say: Thinking about which Giants jersey I’d get got… Read More »

Two words: Wow

As a Dodger fan from the 80s, this is the greatest thing I have ever seen: I can’t believe they let Tom Niedenfuer be in the video. Weren’t they worried that he’d give up a homer to a 128-pound cameraman? (Thanks to my brother, Chris, for emailing me this link.)

Come on, Shelley

So Shelley Duncan doesn’t think the Rays should be upset about his slide into second, which ignited a bench-clearing brawl. I could almost believe that, except that he actually refers to his slide as “play[ing] the game the right way.” Let’s see… Guess what, Shelley? The ONLY possible defense, the ONLY way I will believe… Read More »

One of these things is not like the others…

Ryan Howard, 2006 NL MVP. Chase Utley, future NL MVP. Jimmy Rollins, 2007 NL MVP. Pedro Feliz. That’s the Phillies’ infield as of this afternoon. Howard is a stud who, in three seasons, has won a Rookie of the Year and an MVP and driven in like a billion runs. Utley probably would have won… Read More »

Buster’s Olney problem

Buster Olney wrote today about Jim Rice’s Hall of Fame credentials. The title of the blog entry is “Rice was extraordinary in his time.” I read a lot of Fire Joe Morgan, ShysterBall, Vegas Watch, and other sites that have spent some time over the past few weeks discussing the Hall of Fame arguments made… Read More »

A sinking feeling

The Yankees and A-Rod just finalized their deal. I have a very bad feeling that the timing is not a complete coincidence; I wonder if A-Rod was motivated to get it done before the Mitchell Report comes out in 44 minutes. I really hope his name isn’t in there… UPDATE: A quick search of the… Read More »

More Andruw Jones thoughts

Well, I slept on it. I fired off my “I don’t like this!” post around midnight last night, immediately after I heard of the Andruw Jones signing. It’s been 12 hours or so, and I’ve had time to think about it. Guess what? I still don’t like it. But I think I’ve decided my dislike… Read More »

I don’t like this!

What don’t I like? This. So the Dodgers signed Andruw Jones. Let’s list some pros and cons about this: PRO: It gets Juan Pierre and his range of a 300-pound legless sloth out of center field. CON: Unless the Dodgers can get some stupid team to take him, it puts Juan Pierre somewhere else in… Read More »