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My thoughts and ideas on everything related to web design and development. This is what I do for work, but it is also what I do for fun, because I am a geek.

My Favorite Things About Dreamweaver

I mentioned a day or two ago a couple blog entries about hand coding vs. WYSIWYG. Roger’s entry generated quite a discussion, including some Dreamweaver bashing. Jonathan Snook took issue with that in those comments (see especally comments 41 and 49), and he followed that up by posting a great little tutorial on Dreamweaver’s Search… Read More »

Hand-Coding in Dreamweaver

Paul Scrivens wrote a nice little blog entry about why he thinks people should hand-code their web sites instead of using WYSIWYG editors, and Roger Johansson followed up with: Right on, Scrivs. I’ve never seen the need for WYSIWYG tools, and I wouldn’t let someone who uses the design view of an application like Dreamweaver… Read More »

The Wonders of Vonage

I have had quite a few people recently ask me about Vonage, the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) company that I use for my home phone service. I figured I should just put something about it on my blog so I would have a link to point people to. Here is an email I sent… Read More »