Cabrera and Guillen

Over on his blog, Rob Neyer discusses the Tigers’ decision to have Miguel Cabrera and Carlos Guillen switch positions, with Cabrera moving to first base and Guillen moving to third. Among other things, Neyer had this to say: Presumably, at some point Leyland or someone else connected with management will favor us with the rationale… Read More »

Paul O’Freaking’Neill

The other day, in my National League favorites post, I had this tangent while talking about Roberto Clemente: And speaking of Clemente and jerseys, I just gotta say how dumb I think Yankee fans are. LaTroy Hawkins wanted to wear number 21 to honor Clemente, but he met a huge backlash from Yankee fans because… Read More »

Rantings and Ramblings? Really?

I think I’ve always known this in the back of my mind, or perhaps in the cockles of my heart, but I never really thought about it until now. “Rantings & Ramblings” is, well, a stupid name for a website. Or more to the point, it is a stupid name for MY website. I didn’t… Read More »

Playing Favorites — National League

I did the American League the other day (background is in that post, too); today we will look at the National League. Los Angeles Dodgers Favorite: Russell Martin* Why: There’s an asterisk there for a reason. Russell Martin is my favorite current Dodger, and one of my three favorite current players (along with Albert Pujols… Read More »

Playing Favorites — American League

Over at ShysterBall (one of the most engaging, intelligent baseball-related blogs I have come across), Craig Calcaterra had what I think is a wonderful idea. And because it’s not stealing if you give credit, I am going to use it here. Here’s what Craig had to say: Thinking about which Giants jersey I’d get got… Read More »

Two words: Wow

As a Dodger fan from the 80s, this is the greatest thing I have ever seen: I can’t believe they let Tom Niedenfuer be in the video. Weren’t they worried that he’d give up a homer to a 128-pound cameraman? (Thanks to my brother, Chris, for emailing me this link.)

Come on, Shelley

So Shelley Duncan doesn’t think the Rays should be upset about his slide into second, which ignited a bench-clearing brawl. I could almost believe that, except that he actually refers to his slide as “play[ing] the game the right way.” Let’s see… Guess what, Shelley? The ONLY possible defense, the ONLY way I will believe… Read More »

One of these things is not like the others…

Ryan Howard, 2006 NL MVP. Chase Utley, future NL MVP. Jimmy Rollins, 2007 NL MVP. Pedro Feliz. That’s the Phillies’ infield as of this afternoon. Howard is a stud who, in three seasons, has won a Rookie of the Year and an MVP and driven in like a billion runs. Utley probably would have won… Read More »