Buster’s Olney problem

Buster Olney wrote today about Jim Rice’s Hall of Fame credentials. The title of the blog entry is “Rice was extraordinary in his time.” I read a lot of Fire Joe Morgan, ShysterBall, Vegas Watch, and other sites that have spent some time over the past few weeks discussing the Hall of Fame arguments made… Read More »

A sinking feeling

The Yankees and A-Rod just finalized their deal. I have a very bad feeling that the timing is not a complete coincidence; I wonder if A-Rod was motivated to get it done before the Mitchell Report comes out in 44 minutes. I really hope his name isn’t in there… UPDATE: A quick search of the… Read More »

More Andruw Jones thoughts

Well, I slept on it. I fired off my “I don’t like this!” post around midnight last night, immediately after I heard of the Andruw Jones signing. It’s been 12 hours or so, and I’ve had time to think about it. Guess what? I still don’t like it. But I think I’ve decided my dislike… Read More »

I don’t like this!

What don’t I like? This. So the Dodgers signed Andruw Jones. Let’s list some pros and cons about this: PRO: It gets Juan Pierre and his range of a 300-pound legless sloth out of center field. CON: Unless the Dodgers can get some stupid team to take him, it puts Juan Pierre somewhere else in… Read More »

Idiocy about A-Rod

It looks like maybe A-Rod is going back to the Yankees after all, despite Scott Boras’s best efforts. I find myself hoping he does, because the longer he’s a free agent, the longer I am bombarded by stupid, stupid people writing and talking about him. Look, there’s only one good reason (and one decent reason)… Read More »

Goose Gossage and the Good Ol’ Days

Goose Gossage is outspoken. He firmly believes that he belongs in the Hall of Fame, and he isn’t afraid to tell people about it. And let’s be honest: if we’re letting relief pitchers into the Hall, Goose should be there. (And even if Rollie Fingers, Dennis Eckersley, and Bruce Sutter all got in based only… Read More »

Good for Joe Torre

All this talk about whether the Yankees will bring back Joe Torre, and the one thing everyone forgot was that it’s a two-way relationship. Well, I didn’t forget. And as I suspected, neither did Joe Torre, who today told the Yankees to shove it. I like the Yankees just fine, but I am happy about… Read More »

Something About Movies

My brother Eric knows very little about baseball. Today, he wrote about baseball on his blog. He then told me that because he wrote about baseball, I needed to write about movies. It just so happens that the last five movies I have seen in the theater were all excellent, and I have been meaning… Read More »

Joe Morgan Said…

Just FYI, a couple weeks ago I started a new site just for focusing on Joe Morgan (and probably other people who say stupid things about baseball). You can find it at http://www.joemorgansaid.com/. It has several items from this site, but there are a few posts that are exclusive to that site, and all future… Read More »

Michael Vick and racism

A week or two ago, there was a very interesting and thought-provoking article on ESPN.com about Michael Vick, the city of Atlanta, and the role that racism has played in the public response to the allegations against Vick. It is titled “A History of Mistrust,” but it was the little blurb below the title that… Read More »