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The Snider Family - November 2005
The Snider Family – November 3, 2005

Hi, my name is Jeff J. Snider. Here is a bullet list of some things about me:

  • I was born on June 2, 1977, in Corona, California, and was raised in nearby Lake Elsinore.
  • On August 22, 2003, I married Beth Madsen — by far the best choice I ever made.
  • On November 3, 2004, our daughter Lindsay was born.
  • I was majoring in English at Brigham Young University for a long, long time, and when I got within eleven credits of my degree, I realized that I didn’t really want to be a high school English teacher, and that the web development I had been doing on the side was really more appealing to me as a full-time career. So I am still eleven credits away from my English degree, but I plan on getting it done eventually.
  • I am a huge sports fan, especially baseball, as you can probably tell by reading some of my posts. I enjoy all sports, but baseball is the only one I can say I love. I was born and raised a Dodger fan, and I will be one until the day I die. I like quite a few other teams, and there are a few teams that I can’t stand. The Braves have been my least favorite team for nearly 15 years, although my main beef with them is their front-runner fans. I remember watching Braves games on TBS in the mid-to-late-1980s, and Fulton County Stadium would have about 8000 people there. Then, in 1991, the Braves got good, and all of a sudden everyone in the world is a tomahawk chopping Braves fan, and I wondered, “Were you busy during the ’80s, fans?” To this day, if someone tells me they are a Braves fan, I refuse to acknowledge them unless they can name five Braves players who never played in the Glavine/Smoltz era and aren’t named Dale Murphy, Hank Aaron, Eddie Matthews, or Warren Spahn. If they can do that, I respect them. (Extra credit goes to anyone who has Biff Pocoroba.)
  • I started out in web development just as a hobby, and I eventually got into PHP because it excited me. My first PHP project was my brother’s site for his humor columns and movie reviews. I am constantly tweaking that site as I learn new things, and at this moment (late September 2005), I am preparing a relaunch of his site that is based on web standards, indian cialis, with a pure CSS layout and whatnot. CSS and web standards are the newest additions to my repertoire, and I have a lot of fun with them.

That’s a bit about me. Enjoy my site, and please comment all you want. Thanks!

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