Baseball Owners Should Shut Up

By | January 29, 2007

Read this article about the trade talks between the Rockies and Red Sox regarding Todd Helton. You want to know why owners hire general managers to handle trades and contracts and stuff? Because owners aren’t smart enough to shut up and refrain from making stupid statements that can serve no good purpose.

Exhibit A, the third paragraph of the article:

“This is Todd Helton we’re talking about,” [Rockies owner Charlie] Monfort told The Associated Press on Monday. “We’re not just going to give him up for nothing.”

So if this trade does go through, regardless of who else is involved, Mike Lowell and Julian Tavarez will start their Rockies careers knowing that their owner referred to them as “nothing.” (For the record, Monfort did backtrack a little and say that “Tavarez and Lowell are good.” Gee, thanks.)

Exhibit B, the thirteenth paragraph:

“We’re not just looking to save money,” he said. “I’d consider it a salary dump if we didn’t have anybody there who could play first base, and we do. I’m not saying they’re Todd Helton by any means. And they’d have some huge shoes to fill. But we have some guys there, a little bit of a logjam.”

The guy most likely to take over at first base is Garrett Atkins, who, admittedly, is no Todd Helton. After all, Atkins is more than six years younger, is hitting his peak instead of being two years into a somewhat steep decline, and had better numbers than Helton in every offensive category last season. But at least now he knows that his owner knows he’s not half the ballplayer Helton is.

So if this trade goes through, you have at least twelve percent of next year’s roster who have every reason to think their owner is a bit of a wiener. All in the name of driving a hard bargain. Way to go, Mr. Monfort!

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