Chipper’s new deal

By | December 03, 2005

Sometimes I really can’t tell how much my opinions are colored by my dislike for Chipper Jones. I was reading tonight about his newly restructured contract, and John Schuerholz had this to say:

Whatever it takes, Chipper is always willing to step up, and we are pleased that this latest unselfish act will likely ensure that he will play his entire career as a Brave.

Yes, this new contract pays Chipper $6 million less next season (unless you count the $4 million signing bonus he gets next month, but hey, if it doesn’t count towards the payroll number, it ain’t real money, right?), giving them a little wiggle room to try to re-sign Rafael Furcal. But look at the details of the contract. Before the restructure, Chipper had $22 million in guaranteed money left on his contract. Now, he has $37 million guaranteed. His two options years, 2007 and 2008, are now guaranteed, and the Braves have a vested option on 2009. And this all happened two months after ending a season in which he missed 50 games due to injury!

Well, love Chipper or hate him, you have to give him credit: he just convinced the Braves to give him $15 million while praising his unselfishness. If I could just find a way to do that ONE TIME, I would be set.

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