Good for Joe Torre

By | October 18, 2007

All this talk about whether the Yankees will bring back Joe Torre, and the one thing everyone forgot was that it’s a two-way relationship. Well, I didn’t forget. And as I suspected, neither did Joe Torre, who today told the Yankees to shove it. I like the Yankees just fine, but I am happy about this, and I hope it helps Hank&Hal wake up a little and realize that not everyone bows to the mighty power of the Yankees. I suspect Joe Torre has known for some time now that he wouldn’t be coming back — at the latest, surely the senile ramblings of a crazy old man made the decision for him — and I like to think he set a trap for the Yankees to walk into. Whatever the sequence of events, though, Joe Torre is out, which leaves one burning question:

Joe Torre was a mediocre-to-lousy manager before he came to the Yankees; will the next guy benefit as much from the payroll and the Hall of Fame roster as he did?

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