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By | September 18, 2009

In this blog entry about how the A’s blew it when they traded Andre Ethier for Milton Bradley, someone named “baseballgirl” says this:

In contrast, Andre Ethier has been an absolute stud for the Dodgers the last four years; he is also the walk-off rival of Marco Scutaro, except with the career .294/.364/.495 line instead of Marco’s .266/.337.385.

Let me list all the ways that Andre Ethier is like Marco Scutaro. Hmmm… Well, they both have names that make it sound like they are from somewhere other than where they are (“Marco Scutaro” sounds Italian to me, not Venezuelan; and “Andre Ethier” sounds like something other than Arizonan). And … nope, that’s it.

Oh, that’s right, they both have nine career walkoff hits.

What’s that, you say? Scutaro has played twice as many seasons as Ethier and has a thousand more plate appearances? And only two of Scutaro’s walkoffs were homers? Wait, and one of them was a sacrifice bunt with a runner on first that Scot Shields threw into the outfield and Nick Swisher came all the way around to score the winning run? Oh, and also that Scutaro’s nine (or eight) walkoffs came in 74 chances, while Ethier’s came in 41? Okay, so maybe Andre Ethier and Marco Scutaro don’t have much in common after all.

(Just for the record, in Ethier’s 41 career plate appearances in a walkoff situation, he is batting .400 with a .488 OBP, .886 SLG, and 1.374 OPS; Scutaro’s record in his 74 such plate appearances is .345/.419/.509/.928. Better than his career numbers, sure, but not even remotely close to the numbers Ethier has put up.)

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