It’s A Girl!!!

By | June 24, 2004

Tuesday afternoon, Beth and I drove down to Payson (the ultrasound capital of the world) to take our first look at our fetus. Our appointment was for 3:40 p.m., and we got there at about 3:30. They took us right in, which was nice. Unfortunately, we then sat in a room for over a half-hour, waiting for the doctor. It wasn’t annoying or upsetting or anything, it was just nerve-racking. We had been looking forward to the ultrasound since the day we found out she was pregnant, but those last few minutes were the most intense.

Finally, the nurse came in and led us to the room with the ultrasound equipment, Dr. Dewey came in a couple minutes later, and it was time to see our baby.

At a couple of our appointments with Dr. Dewey, he has used his little magic machine to listen to the baby’s heartbeat. At those times, it would usually take a couple minutes for him to find the heartbeat. Never having done this before, we expected the ultrasound to take a similar amount of time and adjustment before he found what he was looking for. So we were pretty surprised when the second he put the transducer on the tummy, we could see our child. Of course, it didn’t look like a child, but that’s beside the point.

For most of the ultrasound, which lasted about six minutes or so, Dr. Dewey would use his arrow to point at things, and we would sorta kinda be able to tell what he was looking at. And then, the moment of truth came. Dr. Dewey moved his arrow and said, “Well, that’s the crotch, but I don’t see anything that looks like a penis.” I blocked out the painful high school locker room memories and focused on the fact that I am going to have a daughter!

Beth and I have watched the ultrasound on videotape a few times now, and we can tell more and more what things are. We can see fingers and toes at different parts, and it is very cute in a weird sort of way. We can’t wait until November 2, when we can see the fingers and toes in real life.

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