Random Baseball Thought #4: National League Cy Young Award

By | September 23, 2005

The fourth of my random thoughts for tonight, again with possible quotes from the Joe Morgan and Jerry Crasnick chats from today (see this entry for links to the chats):

NL Cy Young Award:

I wrote about this a month or so ago, and I was firmly in the Roger Clemens camp at that time. If the season had ended that day, I would have been very upset if he hadn’t won. Since that time, Clemens has had a rough time, Chris Carpenter a slightly less tough time, and Dontrelle Willis has barged onto the scene. At this point, I don’t know if Clemens’ ERA is still far enough below the other guys’ to make up for the lousy record, and I am guessing Carpenter will win. Clemens is #1 in ERA, Willis is #1 in wins, and Carpenter is #2 in both. They are all so close that I think any of the three could win, and I won’t be upset with any of them. (That is, of course, pending the last two starts for each guy. Oops, I just heard that Clemens will miss his next start because of a hamstring injury. Oops part 2, I just saw that Carpenter gave up nine earned runs in 5-1/3 innings tonight.)

My vote: I was still with Clemens until today, but then I leaned towards Carpenter, but now I don’t know. I guess I am back to think that Clemens has had the most dominant season, so he deserves it.

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