The Barry Bonds Solution

By | April 10, 2006

It’s amazing, really, how simple the solution to this whole Barry Bonds problem is. And there are over 300 guys in Major League Baseball with the power to fix this. Look, the guy already has bad knees. He missed months last year after bumping his knee on a table. How many 90-MPH fastballs do you think his knees can stand?

Every time Bonds comes to the plate, he should be plunked in the knee. I imagine it would only take somewhere between one and four good shots, and he would be done. Even if he can stand a hundred of them, that just means a whole bunch more pitchers get the pleasure of hitting Bonds in the knee with a fastball. And as long as he’s being hit in the knee, he won’t be hitting home runs, which means Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron are safe.

One thought on “The Barry Bonds Solution

  1. Richie

    So I suppose you’d have been cheering in Houston when Springer plunked him? Or would you have booed because it wasn’t his knee? 🙂

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